Belgian Double Mashing Kit

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Belgian Double is like a Belgian Triple with less alcohol, but with a more malty flavor. A small amount of Special B and crystal malt are used in addition to the pale pilsner malt, to give the beer a malty depth and slight amber color. Beet sugar is also included to cut the malt flavor slightly and add crispness and alcohol. Alcohol: 6.5%, IBU’s 32. Includes 11 pounds of crushed malt, 1 pound of Beet Sugar, Hallertau hops, and priming sugar. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of 1.063 or higher. Needed yeast not included, order below.

 Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Note: Needed Y74 Wyeast 1214 Abbey, or Fermentis BE-124 Y20 yeast is not included, you will be given yeast purchase options once you put this in your cart.

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