Imperial Stout Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Our Imperial Stout features an intense load of ingredients - 11 pounds of dark extract mashed from European pale and roasted malts, 2 pounds of brewing beet sugar for intensity, American flavoring and aromatic hops, and a touch of French Oak to round out the flavor. An intense, rich, sipping stout for the cooler months. Alcohol: 9%, IBU's 38

Includes 13 pounds of our blended malt extract and brewing sugar, flavoring and aromatic hops, granular oak, selected liquid yeast, and carbonation sugar.

This is an advanced Kit: This kit is rated advanced because a Secondary Fermenter, Yeast Starter Kit, and Oxygen Aeration System are required. See our item Q27 for a Yeast Starter Kit and S78 for an Oxygen Aeration System.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This is a photo of our Imperial Stout, taken after 3 weeks in the bottle.

Average rating 8.8421052631579 out of 10 ( based on 19 reviews )

Preparation is Key

Review by Don B. on 11/2/2009

Pros: Will update after beer is done. 5 for now.

Cons: Be ready to loose a half gallon by extreme and out of control fermentation. Sure you will hear how great this is, but at what cost? 5ga primary is just to small. You may need put your transfer hose on the end of the bubbler outlet pipe and place the end of the hose in a pan of water or you will have a huge mess. Takes almost a month in secondary and could only get a finished SG of 1.033

Fantastic quality

Review by Kyle N. on 11/16/2009

Pros: This beer was very simple to brew and is of excellent quality. If i were to purchase it in a store i would expect to pay $50/case. In regards to the other fermentation went very smoothly (lost not a drop) and the abv came out right on target. Generally i only drink stouts in the winter months but i will certaily buy this year-round if available.

Cons: If you are impatient it's important to keep in mind that this beer will take about 6 weeks after brewing to sample.

Popular Brew

Review by Louis M. on 11/30/2009

Pros: Very flavorful, yet balanced. Aerated with a fish tank pump (let it bubble up to bottle neck 3 times over about an hour). It spent 9 days in primary, 2 weeks in secondary, 3 weeks carbonating, and 3 weeks at 55F (in a keg). Best flavor after about 10-12 weeks from brew day.

Cons: It did blow out of a 6 gallon glass carboy, but just barely.

Excellent complete kit

Review by michael f. on 1/30/2010

Pros: Includes all the ingredients to make an excellent brew. Most kits need some tweeking in order to get a great brew, but this one is complete. Probably the best all in one box kit I've tried. I had great results without wort areation too.

Cons: none

Excellent kit, strong beer, only minor complaints

Review by Michael L. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Preparation and fermentation went well. I was initially skeptical about the oak addition but the flavor is a noticeable and enjoyable addition to the beer.

Cons: Probably could have done without priming sugar. I overcarbonated the batch, which is probably because of something I did myself, but there is so much sugar in the beer I probably could have gotten good carbonation without additional sugar.

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