Flaked Corn

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Precooked flakes mean these are ready to mash. Adds a lighter corn character to beer, and is the principal ingredient in whiskey and bourbon mashes.
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Review by Will Schmit on 8/3/2018

I grow blue corn for a native New Mexico version of Kentucky Common, but I get lazy, and really don't want to crank the corn mill, or take another 2 hours for a cereal mash. These perfect 1lb pouches let me throw together a variety of pre-prohibition styles or Classic American Pilsner without a lot of planning...

Stay Fresh Pouch

Review by Jon on 10/5/2014

I'm glad I purchased my flaked corn from Williams. I mean $1.99, ya' can't hardly beat that and it comes in a sealed Mylar type bag. Who knows how long that will stay fresh, but it's been over 9 month's and I just opened the bag. No rancid smell, in fact it still smelled fresh. Of course I did keep the bag in the refrigerator over the summer months, but it sure held up better than some of the distributers selling their adjuncts in permeable plastic or even paper lunch bags.

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