1 Lb Flaked Rice

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Adds a very light flavor and is used in popular American and Japanese beers.
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Perfect for the style

Review by Will Schmit on 10/31/2018

I normally use corn to dry and crisp-up my beer. I kinda like the "corny" taste. One time, I added half Flaked Maize, and half Flaked Rice, and it came out much more neutral, maybe a bit floral. I don't consider rice based commercial beer as floral. My regular recipe just lacked the corn overtones. Very clean. I have used it as the only adjunct in a variety of styles, and I really like it...

Rice Lager

Review by Morgan on 1/25/2018

Unless you’re trying to get character from heirloom rice or wild rice, this is so much easier than having to cook rice, do a cereal mash, or otherwise gelatinize rice on brew day. Runoff slowed toward the end from a layer of fine rice matter, but that’s a risk with adjunct (I was at 20% flaked rice).

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