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As a daughter of Simcoe® YCR14, Mosaic offers a hop heritage including Tomahawk and Nugget. It features high alpha acids and low cohumulone contents and displays an array of enticing aromas that transfer nicely into the finished product. Brewers have noted that Mosaic is a "complexity of flavors" providing a "powerful combination punch of pine and fruit." Specific descriptors include earthy, grassy, herbal, citrus, cedar, floral, pine, tropical, onion/garlic, spice and stone fruit.


 Average alpha acid: 11.5% 

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )


Review by Jeff on 3/31/2015

I love this hop.. The citrus write into fruity and clean finish .. Awesome .. Drinking my pale and now just hoped it up to a IPA ..can't wait till it's done

Awesome Hop

Review by Oscar on 1/27/2014

This hop really delivers the favors in the description and gives a smack in the face of hop aroma. This is definitely one of my go to hops. Aroma and flavor is what I use it for in most of my IPAs and pales.

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