Liquid Isinglass

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This liquid Isinglass is ready to use, just mix into your beer or wine. This 2 fluid ounce bottle will clear up to 12 gallons of beer or wine. We store this refrigerated, and we recommend refrigerated storage if you do not plan to use it within 1 month of receiving. The shelf life is 6 months after receipt, if you store this refrigerated.
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Poor product

Review by John on 5/4/2021

This product is basically worthless. It failed to clear my beer over a 10-day settling period. It's far inferior to the freeze-dried isinglass that William's used to sell. I have used the freeze-dried product up to 2 years after purchase and although it's less convenient, it works beautifully. Please bring back the freeze-dried!


Review by Randy on 3/24/2020

Cleaned myh wine perfect!

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