Mash & Boil Thermistor Kit

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Replacement Thermistor Kit for all Mash & Boils. This includes the Thermistor, Silcone Sealing Washer, Back Nut, and wire plug housing.

If your Mash & Boil is flashing an E1 (defective or disconnected Thermistor) error, and your current Thermistor is properly plugged into the power board, it could be your Thermistor is defective and this will fix it.

This is a bit tricky to fit. First unplug your Mash & Boil, turn it upside down, and remove the black plastic base. You will need to remove the silicone sealant around the original back nut to remove the Thermistor. Then install the new one with the silicone washer and backnut, and then install the orange plug on the wires. If you install the Orange plug before the Thermistor, you will not be able to get the back nut or silcone washer on the Thermistor.

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