Mash & Boil Rocker Switch

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Replacement light up rocker switch fits all switch holes in all Mash & Boils. This switch has 4 terminals on back, and 2 to 4 are used depending on what the switch function is. 

If this switch is bad and it is being used as the main power switch, when you plug the unit in, the switch does not light up, and the display is completely dead.

Please note that you must be qualified in electrical repair to replace a switch, and the unit must always be unplugged before doing any sort of replacement work.

See the pictures for details on how to remove and replace this switch.

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Replacement Switch

Review by Cheyne on 10/19/2021

My On/Off switch on my Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil system broke and I picked this up to replace it. The instructions stop after popping out the old switch - what I had to do was take off the 3 screws on the bottom of the unit to more easily access the wiring since there isn't much slack. I popped off the old wires with a flathead screwdriver since they're snug and popped in the new switch and it turned right on. Took off 1 star because I think it should also come with a replacement waterproof cover.

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