Brewzilla Chiller Tubing Kit

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The Brewzilla Gen 4 comes with a simple stainless immersion wort chiller with ½" inlets and outlets, but no tubing for the cooling water. If you need tubing, this kit is a simple way to get your Brewzilla Wort Chiller going. Includes 15' of ½" vinyl tubing (you cut to length), one female hose connector for attaching to a male garden hose faucet, and 3 hose clamps. Also fits the Keg King Chillout plate chiller and any other chiller with ½" outer diameter tubing.

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Value for your dollar

Review by Kip on 2/19/2018

This is a good kit that I bought for the SS wort chiller that comes with a Robobrew. Easy assembly and PLENTY of tubing! I cut off enough to use for a separate draintube if I wish. The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 is that it has a plastic hose adapter instead of a metal one. If a metal one were an option I would gladly pay more for this kit!


Review by Richard Davis on 8/23/2017

Worked okay but has a small drip from one connection. I added an extra hose clamp and then it worked perfectly.

worth it

Review by Dj on 6/26/2017

Came in very handy as I didnt need to go buy tubing and guess on lengths or anything. Id advice as to buying it as its made specifically for the robobrew wort chiller.

Apr 02, 2018 by LJ

Q: Hello, I viewed the Robobrew video, will this hose with stand the high temp of the wort ? I like to run the wort through the chiller with the chiller in a bucket if ice. Thank you LJ

A: No, this hose is for running cooling water. If you want to run wort, we recommend silicone tubing, which is our item J58.

Jul 03, 2017 by Mitch

Q: Will the hose attachment connect to a kitchen sink faucet?

A: No, it fits male garden hose threads, so it fits faucets that can accept a threaded garden hose. We do sell a kitchen sink garden hose adapter that fits some kitchen faucets, lookup our item E18 for details.

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