Brewzilla Thermistor Probe

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Replacement thermistor probe fits all models of the Robobrew, Brewzilla, and the Digiboil Boiler from Kegland. 

The E1 error in a Robobrew or Brewzilla means a thermistor error. This could be a bad thermstor, bad connection to the board, or perhaps a bad power board.

Dec 20, 2022 by Vance Bell

Q: Hi, I have a flicking E1 fault. I have measured the resistance of the thermistor probe and it seems to move with temperature which makes me think the fault may be with the board instead. Do you have a spec sheet for the thermistor or working resistance range/ resistance at room temperature? Thanks

A: Sorry, but we do not have any specifications for the thermistor probe. Try contacting Kegland directly: +61 3 9018 7935 Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Feb 09, 2022 by George

Q: What is the temperature range on the probe?

A: This probe is designed to measure the temperature of the contents of the Robobrew and send that information back to the thermostat. The temperature range would be the same as that of the Robobrew. As this is only a replacement part, we don't have the exact temperature range numbers available.

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