6.5mm by 9.5mm EVABarrier Gas/Beer Tubing (39 foot roll)

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KegLand EVABarrier tubing is made with an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) outer wall and also an inner proprietary polymer barrier. This tubing is BPA free and odorless, and is meant to be used with the KegLand DuoTight line of push in fittings. 

The outer barrier is extruded to precise tolerances, and seals well when used with various John Guest, DuoTight or other push in fittings. The outer barrier gives the tubing excellent kink resistance so the line is able to bend around a tight radius without kinking. The inner barrier is made from a proprietary polymer that has excellent gas barrier, protecting your beer from oxidation. The EVABarrier inner lining is so smooth that it harder for bacteria and beer film to build up on the inner walls. So your beer will stay fresher for longer and not loose carbonation like non barrier tubing, and the tubing is less likely to harbor bacteria.

15/64" (6.5mm) inner diameter, 3/8" (9.5mm) outer diameter. this is ideal for gas lines and beer lines longer than 14'.  Rated to withstand 100 PSI. Sold in rolls of 39 feet (12 meters).

Important:  This larger tubing is designed to be used with 9.5mm  DuoTight connectors (see at right) but will also fit 1/4" hose barbs. It does not fit 8mm DuoTight connectors.

This tubing has less than 1 pound of resistance per foot. What does this mean? It means if you have a 10' beer line of this tubing, you ave a total of about 8 pounds of resistance in the line. Generally, this means setting your PSI on your regulator to the same 8 PSI figure will result in good beer flow. This tubing is not recommended for beer lines shorter than 7 feet.

Sep 28, 2020 by AB

Q: Will this work in a 3/8" compression fitting like on an angle stop valve for a sink/toilet?

A: All of the EVABarrier tubing is designed to be used with DuoTight fittings. While it might work with a 3/8' compression fitting, we can't say for sure or recommend it for that type of connection.

Aug 17, 2020 by Jason

Q: Will a 3/8 inch barb fit in this tubing?

A: No. All of the EVA Barrier tubing is designed to be used with DuoTight fittings. It is very stiff and even after soaking it in boiling water for a minute, it is incredibly hard to push over a barb and may even split or fail.

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