Duotight 9.5mm Beer Ball Lock

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The integrated Duotight design means you can connect your beer and gas line directly, easily and reliably - no need for additional fittings or clamps. It is a robust and compact design that is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, making cleaning and sanitising easy.
 The small form factor allows for easy stacking of rubber top kegs (they are 1¾" tall). The new cap design ensures a pressure seal with just hand tightening and it can be completely taken apart for cleaning with no tools required in case it gets clogged.

This fitting can take pressures of over 100 PSI due to its overmolded poppet design which does not require an O ring that can blow out. Extremely chemical resistant due to its polykeytone resin body, and EPDM and PP/EPDM overmolded poppet. They are also engineered to have a higher flow than traditional ball lock fittings for quicker keg transfers.
Designed to suit 9.5mm Beer/Gas Line. Due to the integrated duotight fitting the line will simply push directly into this fitting.

For this ball lock disconnect we recommend:

Item C61 EVABarrier 6.5mm ID x9.5mm OD Line 

Dec 24, 2022 by JD

Q: Will this beer ball lock work with 1/4" ID product line (3/8" OD), eg Barriermaster Flavourlock tubing)? Thx

A: It should because 9.5mm is the same as 3/8"

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