15 PSI Duotight Blowtie Spunding Valve with Gauge

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The BlowTie is a diaphragm based adjustable spunding valve used to release pressure from kegs and other pressure vessels. It features a usable range of 4 to 15 PSI, and the diaphragm construction means it has a wider pressure range than spring based spundling valves. This unit can be easily disassembled for cleaning using a phillips head screw driver. Accuracy of the gauge is plus or minus 2 PSI.

Instructions: 1. Cut good quality tube (such as EVABarrier 5mm ID x 8mm OD tubing, item Z91) cleanly with tube cutter making sure the end of the tube is a clean cut.
2. Push one end of the tube to the inlet side of the BlowTie (look at the direction of the arrow) and the other end to your pressure vessel that is releasing gas.
3. Use the yellow adjustment knob to control the pressure coming out of the pressure vessel. Clockwise is higher pressure and anticlockwise is lower pressure.

Note: The video below shows an older version of this valve, without the integral gauge. Also, the pressure gauge is now 15 PSI max, not 30.

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impossible to get it to the pressure you want

Review by liem on 12/21/2019

I try my best for hour to lower the pressure from my regulator to my keg, can't do it, doesn't matter how small of an increment I try, it goes from zero to 10+ psi, a lot of time as pressure got up I turn the dial clockwise to reduce the pressure it actually goes up higher. very disappointed, even more so because I have to return it. William's Brewing Responds: No need to return this, you received a defective product, and we are shipping out a replacement no charge.

No issues

Review by Steve Z on 1/9/2020

I did not buy my BlowTie from Williams Brewing, but I would just like to add my 2c for anyone looking at buying this. I've had great success with this little guy. My current config is: I brew 10g batches at a time. I split wort evenly with 2 corny kegs, add my yeast, close up the kegs, and then attach the gas outposts to some duotight plugs. Those both go into a T connector, which then feed into the BlowTie. This allows me to pressure ferment both my kegs at once without having to fuss with airlocks, and worry about losing liquid during extended aging. During fermentation, I use the output of the blowtie to purge at least one keg (sometimes 2 if I have laying around) with C02 generated during fermentation. This allows me to pressure transfer into a purged keg when I'm ready.

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Aug 26, 2020 by Aaron Malburg

Q: Is this supposed to come with the tubing that's needed? I bought one a few months ago that didn't come with it.

A: No, this is just the valve with gauge. Our item C70 joins this to a item Z93.

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