Gas Ball Lock With Threaded Post

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This complete male gas ball lock post features a dip tube and is seated on a ¼" male thread adapter with backnut. This can be used to add a gas ball lock just about anywhere, or even to to make your own ball lock pressure vessel. 

Sep 09, 2019 by Jess

Q: How what is the max wall thickness this would work on? In other words, how long is the threaded portion behind the o-ring?

A: The threaded barrel is 3/4" of an inch long. Once you put the nut on the end of the barrel, the maximum thickness of your tank cannot exceed 1/2"

Mar 11, 2019 by Dan

Q: What size hole is need for this?

A: The diameter is .51", so a drill bit size of 13mm or 33/64" will work.

Mar 31, 2018 by Pete

Q: It's difficult to tell from the picture if the dip tube is long enough for attaching tubing and a clamp; like one might use with a carbonating stone. How long is the dip tube, and how far below the post will it extend?

A: It does not extend below the end of the fitting, so tubing cannot be attached. You would have to get a longer dip tube,like our Corny beer dip tube item X42, and cut it off below the end of the fitting if you wanted to install tubing and a clamp.

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