Universal Cornelius-Type Beer/Gas Plug

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Universal Poppet Valve
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This stainless ball lock post fits both the beer (out) and gas (in) side of old Cornelius brand kegs, as well as newer A.E.B. Italian-made kegs, Chinese Kegs, and Italian-made Spartanburg VI Kegs that have a number (P/N) stamped on the front ending in PS. These have the same threading as Cornelius plugs, 19/32-18.

Unlike dedicated gas and liquid posts, these allow you to put either a gas or liquid female ball lock fitting on them. Handy for when you want to daisy chain kegs, or when you are transferring beer from keg to keg. 

Note these do not include a needed Universal Poppet (our item L92)  You will need one L92 and D12 in addition to this post to complete your male out fitting. These do not accept the Cornelius specific poppet (our item D85), they are designed to fit the universal poppet valve L92. This also fits our item P07 Mini Keg Ball Lock Lid.

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Dont fit all kegs

Review by Brad on 5/22/2019

These will not fit old kegs made by Pepsi. Others seem to work fine.

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