Nukatap & Intertap 4" Duotight Stainless Shank Assembly

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  • Part #KL11945
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This stainless shank includes an 8mm Duotight inlet to accept 8mm outer diameter EvaBarrier tubing. Features a spring hole to hold the optional Intertap Faucet Spring, a stainless spring that works only with Intertap Shanks and Intertap Faucets to add a self closing function.

The minimum wall thickness for this shank is 1/2", maximum 2 1/2".  You will need to drill a 7/8" (22mm) hole to install this shank. You can use our item B33 22mm hole saw to drill a suitable hole in metal, plastic, or wood.

Important Note: This shank fits Intertap Faucets only



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Easy To Use

Review by Brent on 7/21/2020

Installed the shank in just a few minutes, and the duo tight fitting makes it easy and quick to setup.

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Dec 29, 2020 by Michael O'Connor

Q: I know it says it only fits Intertap faucets, but I was under the impression Nukatap and Intertap were interchangeable with shanks. Would this work with a Nukatap faucet?

A: Yes, it will work with Nukatap faucets.

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