Nukatap 4" Duotight Stainless Shank Assembly

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This stainless shank includes an 8mm Duotight inlet to accept 8mm outer diameter EvaBarrier tubing. Features a spring hole to hold the optional Intertap Faucet Spring, a stainless spring that works only with Intertap Shanks and Intertap Faucets to add a self closing function.

The minimum wall thickness for this shank is 1/2", maximum 2 1/2".  You will need to drill a 7/8" (22mm) hole to install this shank. You can use our item B33 22mm hole saw to drill a suitable hole in metal, plastic, or wood.

Important Note: This shank fits Intertap and Nukatap Faucets only.



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Easy To Use

Review by Brent on 7/21/2020

Installed the shank in just a few minutes, and the duo tight fitting makes it easy and quick to setup.

Jan 26, 2022 by Cory

Q: Can a Perlick faucet be used with these if not using the self-closing spring?

A: Sometimes, depends on how the Perlick was machined, there can be variations in the splines on the rear of the Perlick over the years that make these hard to fit. Some fit fine, some are hard to press into the splines.

Jul 28, 2021 by Dwayne

Q: Will this shank work with the older standard faucets?

A: It should, although some older faucets were machined slightly differently, so it may be a tight fit.

Dec 29, 2020 by Michael O'Connor

Q: I know it says it only fits Intertap faucets, but I was under the impression Nukatap and Intertap were interchangeable with shanks. Would this work with a Nukatap faucet?

A: Yes, it will work with Nukatap faucets.

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