Ball Lock Beer Line Cleaning Kit

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This simple air pump system for ball lock beer line equipped kegerators and keezers makes cleaning easy and portable. There is no need to hook up C02 or waste C02 when pumping cleaner through your beer lines and faucets,  Includes a 2.5 Liter PET Cleaning Bottle, as well as an air pump and ball lock exit fitting for attaching your ball lock beer lines. A 14" long flexible dip tube is included to get all the liquid out of the PET bottle. 4 ounces of BLC Beer Line Cleaner is also included, enough for 4 cleaning sessions. 

This does not fit Sankey Couplers without additional fittings. However, if you have a Sankey DuoTight Coupler, it is easy to adapt.  Just order our item B12 Beer Ball Lock, and our item Z93 DuoTight Female Flare Adapter, and you can easily switch lines between your Sankey DuoTight Coupler and the B12 Beer Ball lock with item Z93 screwed onto the end of it.

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