DuoTight Draft Beer Gun

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This  KegLand ABS plastic Draft Beer Gun is perfect for outdoor dispensing. Just pull the trigger handle to open the valve to dispense. Features a DuoTight compatible hose barb on the bottom for attaching DuoTight Reducer item Z84.
We recommend 4-5' of 3/16" when using 3/16" interior diameter line, and 10' if you are using the wider 1/4" interior diameter line.

This lightweight molded gun weighs 4 ounces, and is constructed of food grade ABS plastic, with a stainless piston and hose barb.
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Duotight draft gun

Review by Scotty on 12/5/2020

Purchased for root beer. I have a 5 gallon corney in a spare fridge on co2. Using this gun as a picnic tap. But this really out does a standard picnic tap. Sturdy with great control. Most importantly can be used with duotight connector to my barrier line. Happy with this setup.

Jul 11, 2021 by William

Q: 1. Can flow be slow/med/fast, depending on how the handle is pulled? 2. If so, at slow speed, does the beer come out foamy?

A: No, it is more of an open or closed sort of valve. It does not have a creamer or frothing function.

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