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Fits a 1” diameter hole. Includes pictured white EPDM rubber gasket. Withstands temperatures of up to 140º F. This is the valve used in our Siphonless and Priming Tanks. To install this in your bucket, first drill a 1” hole with a holesaw. Center the hole 2” from the bottom if you will be using the bucket as a primary fermenter, and want to use our Invert Tube Backnut. Center the hole 1 1/8” from the bottom of the bucket if you will be using the bucket as a bottling tank, and do not plan on attaching the Invert Tube Backnut. Put the white gasket on the valve first, so it is on the outside of the tank, not the inside when finished. 

These include a unique swivel feature;  the barrel of the valve swivels so you can mount the valve very low in a bucket, and not have it contact a counter top when you put the bucket down. The flow rate is 1 gallon every 75 seconds.

Works well with the Invert Tube Backnut, an accessory that turns this valve into a sediment avoidance valve. Or order Backnut E80 if you just need a standard backnut.

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transfer valve

Review by William S. on 10/3/2005

Pros: 1. easy to install, just finger tighten 2. doesn't leak

Cons: handle rotation causes tubing to rotate as well

Transfer Valve

Review by Jason on 11/5/2012

Pros: Easy to install and I have had no issues with leaks. The valve works properly and with the addition of the Invert Tube Backnut really makes things easy. Cons: None so far.

Fits 3/8" Tubing

Review by W on 2/13/2013

I wish I new that this fit 3/8" tubing prior to ordering. This may not be a problem for some but my bottle filler fits 3/4" tubing. Easy to install though (with a 1" holesaw that is). Doesn't appear to leak.

transfer valve

Review by Justen on 4/17/2013

The valve is easy to install & doesn't leak. It sure makes transfers much easier.

Notta Problem

Review by Phillip on 4/20/2013

So far so good for 3 leaks..easy racking

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Nov 12, 2018 by Ryan

Q: Are the valves HDPE 2?

A: Yes. The manufacturer has it listed as food grade HDPE & Polypropylene.

Jun 13, 2018 by Jeff

Q: I have several of these. A few of them are starting to leak when rotating the entire valve with the invert backnut in place, apparently due to the gasket getting soft from soaking in PBW. Is the gasket available, or do I need to replace the entire valve?

A: We do not have the gasket as a separate item

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