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Fermzilla Twister Lid
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Do you want accurate temperature control but don't want to spring for an expensive Glycol chiller?  This submersible pump kit will allow you to connect it to a bucket of ice water, or to a bucket inside a refrigerator. The submersible 12 volt  pump goes into the bucket, and a return line hooks onto one side of the included Temp Twister to return the cooling water to the bucket. Also included is our item Q91 Dual Controller for precise temperature control.

This can be used with any fermenter that will fit a Temp Twister Cooling Coil, including all KegLand Fermzillas as well as bucket fermenters like our E07 Siphonless.

The included item Q91 Programmable Dual Controller allows for  precise temperature control.  The 12 volt submersible pump features suction cups for mounting to any smooth surface. The long 68" (5.5') hoses mean you can position your ice water bucket and fermenter up to 5' apart for easier setup.

Note: A Fermzilla Lid is not included, if you are cooling a Fermzilla, you can drill holes in your existing Fermzilla lid or buy the optional Temp Twister Fermzilla Lid above (which already has extra holes for the Temp Twister, eliminating your need to drill your existing lid).


• Temp Twister item C38

• KegLand Dual Plug Thermostat item Q91

• Cooling Pump Kit item J02

• KegLand Thermowell C40

Average rating 7.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Cooling success!

Review by William on 4/11/2023

Other than the lack of the thermowell, which is now included in the kit, this is a great option if you don’t have the option of an extra refrigerator for fermentation. I was amazed at how quickly it cooled down to set point, and how well it maintained temperature. Probably getting another one for my other fermenter.

Works great!

Review by Erik on 8/3/2022

As far as cooling goes, this thing works great. Holds a rock steady temperature in my Fast Ferment fermenter, it runs for less than a minute to drop the temp one degree. I did not realize that a thermowell was not included so I had to order one before I could use it, and the temperature controller, although very programmable, is a bit hard to adjust and get dialed in. Once dialed in it works great. If the thermowell had been included, this would be a 5 star rating ... William's Responds: Thanks to yours and other suggestions, we now include a thermowell with this kit.

Temp twister cooling kit

Review by John on 7/20/2022

I purchased the Temp Twister Cooling Kit when it was on sale and saved ~$30. I wish it was clearer what is included, it does not include the Fermzilla temp twister lid which is drilled for the coil and thermowell, it also does not include the thermowell. So if you order the kit make sure to by these other two items or you won't have everything you need. With that said once you have it all it is well designed and gives you a cost effective way of controlling the temperature of your beer while fermenting.
William's Responds: Thanks for your feedback on this. We have added a thermowell and raised the price a bit, although the lid is not included as we do not know if you are using this for a Fermzilla or a bucket type fermenter, and assume you have a Fermzilla lid when ordering.

Pump Cooling Package Review

Review by Austin Garfield on 7/15/2022

Williams usually does a good job of describing when a product will need additional parts that are not supplied. Not so with the Pump Cooling Package and use of some of its contents. First off, if you get the Temp Twister cap necessary for this, note that you will need a pressure relief valve (not supplied) and that there are 2 posts for gas-in/out that you will need to have. Also, on the pump connection to the hose there is a clamp supplied that has no instructions how to tighten. Getting ready to look at setting the cooling temp which looks to be short on specifics. Giving this an average rating based on the above.

Dec 09, 2022 by David

Q: Can it be used with glycol? Thanks!

A: We do not see why not, although we have not run this with glycol.

Jul 15, 2022 by Austin Garfield

Q: Just received the temp twister cap, is there a reason why there isn't a pressure relief valve included in it? Also, I think you should mention what each of the holes is supposed to be used for so the customer can know if they have enough carbonation caps, or whatever will be needed.

A: The Fermzilla Twister lid is sold without a pressure relief valve or the screw on caps as you are to reuse the ones off the Fermzilla lid that comes with the Fermzilla. The pressure relief valve goes in the center hole. The two threaded caps that came on the old lid, screw onto the two raised threaded holes on either side of the pressure relief valve. You you could also screw on the two ball lock adapters instead of the two caps from your old lid if you want to the use the optional pressure kit item C77. The two large flat holes are where the two bulkheads go for the Temp Twister, item C38. The final small flat hole is where you mount the bulkhead for the optional thermowell, item C40.

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