The Sampler

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A plastic wort sampler with a built in floating valve that fills the tube with wort when it is immersed in a carboy, then closes automatically when lifted out of the beer. The Thief has a wide mouth (3/4" across) which allows you to insert a hydrometer into The Sampler before immersion and then take a reading as soon as it is removed. Fits all our hydrometers.
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Gets it done...

Review by Cory on 8/27/2014

Not the greatest but gets the job done. It leaks a bit and I was disappointed to see that the brewers edge bottling hydrometer WILL NOT fit inside. So this means dipping 3-4 times into my 30L fermentor and transfering it to a hydrometer flask for measurement.


Review by Timothy on 7/26/2014

This is a great tool for any brewer. It fits right in the carboy hole, doubles as a hydrometer tube, and then you can let a little sample out into your glass instead of having to siphon off a small amount.

Good concept but

Review by Jason on 7/29/2012

This is a good concept but is not something I would recommend. It is a great size and is easy to use and fits the hydrometer perfectly. It is easy to grab a small sample for tasting or measuring gravity. The big downside is that it leaks - not just a few drops but a steady stream so you have to be very quick and you have a mess to deal with. While "usable" it is something I plan to return.

Gets the Job done.

Review by Kyle on 1/24/2012

I found the wort sampler to be a perfect size for both sampling from a 5 or 6.5 gallon carboy as well as for fitting the hydrometer. My only beef is that it is a bit flimsy and it cracked already. I am usually very careful. The cracks don't let liquid through yet. It's relative inexpensiveness makes it an easily replaced item if I ever felt the need to.

The Sampler

Review by Mark H. on 2/10/2010

Pros: Great product. It's easy to use and clean. Simplifies transfers.

Cons: None. I would recommend it to any home brewer.

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