Carboy Drainer

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A sturdy stand designed to hold a 5 or 6.5 gallon glass carboy in the proper inverted position for draining and complete drying. The mouth of the carboy is kept elevated and away from moisture, while the shoulders of the bottle are securely cupped by the molded plastic stand, making it very hard to knock the carboy over. A great way to keep carboys dry and secure between brews. The pictured carboy is not included. Carboy handles must be removed before draining.

Fits all traditional narrow neck carboys, glass and plastic, including Vintage Shop PET Carboys, and Better Bottles™. It does not fit FerMonster widemouth Fermenters.

Average rating 9.33333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Carboy drainer

Review by William Grindel on 1/8/2019

This is a handy little device for drying out my carboys safely....


Review by Bob Billings on 3/26/2015

Works great and worth the cost to make my brew operation more efficient. Do have to remove my handle first but not a big deal.

Works very well

Review by Immolateus on 5/16/2011

I like this carboy stand. Works well, fits all sizes of carboy 3-6 gallons no problem. I do not own a 6.5 gallon carboy but I assume it would also fit just fine. Please note if you use the metal carboy handles (cary handle) that clamp around the neck, your carboy will not stand up in this carboy drainer (it will tip over) I simply lean it up in a corner (mine have the handles) so it doesn't fall over. Works great.

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