5 Gallon Vintage Shop Carboy

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The 5 gallon unbreakable PET plastic carboy, is made from rugged PET (polyethylene terephthalate copolymer) plastic. Unlike plastic waterbottles, this is an odorless and virtually impermeable BPA-free plastic, which allows beer, mead, or wine to sit for several months in the carboy without worry about oxidation. This combines the barrier properties and visibility of glass, with the convenience and safety of unbreakable plastic. Easier to clean thoroughly than ribbed carboys.  10" diameter, 19" tall.

Takes a #10 stopper and airlock (stopper and airlock not included).

This shows the unmatched clarity and smoothness of the Vintage Shop Carboy. Better view of the fernenting beer than ribbed or textured carboys, and easier to thoroughly clean.

Average rating 8.4 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Best carboy

Review by David on 3/27/2015

I replace by glass carboys with PET. I like the Vintage Shop better than the Better Bottle because it is a little more rigid, while still being lightweight. I clean it with PBW and swirl a washcloth inside if necessary. The only downside is that if I move it, it pushes air out the airlock, then sucks back in, potentially taking fluid in. I make sure to crack the stopper before moving it.

valve failure

Review by Paul on 3/26/2015

I bought two of these carboys one for beer and one for wine. On both carboys I have had the valve leak. These valves crack easily and leak


Review by Simon on 7/7/2013

I ordered this carboy for apple wine making. The shipping cost is much cheaper compared to the glass ones. The only issues is that if the carboy is pressed inwards on the sides, it creates suction with your airlock. Wine tasted great!

Light weight

Review by Joel on 11/8/2012

As an older, female brewer, there's no way I could lift a glass carboy with 5 gallons of beer in it. This light-weight option is great and it cleans up really well with PBW. It sparkles, in fact, after cleaning. Since I've never used glass in brewing, I can't give a direct comparison, but I don't believe I'm getting any off flavors or oxidation. I also like the smooth walls of this model compared to some I see the competition selling.

Plastic carboys

Review by Casey on 5/31/2012

I ordered the plastic carboys first because of fright costs, next to nothing and second because of weight. I have to move them around a lot and weight is an issue. The only surprise was the first time I lifted one the fluid in the air lock got sucked in. I've since learned to remove it first. I have three of them with no regrets.

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