3 Gallon Vintage Shop Carboy

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The 3 gallon Vintage Shop carboy, featuring unbreakable PET construction, is made from rugged PET (polyethylene terephthalate copolymer) plastic. Unlike plastic waterbottles, this is an odorless and virtually impermeable BPA-free plastic, which allows beer, mead, or wine to sit for several months in the carboy without worry about oxidation. This combines the barrier properties and visibility of glass, with the convenience and safety of unbreakable plastic. Easier to clean thoroughly than ribbed carboys. This 3 gallon size is great for splitting 5 gallon batches.

Will fit all standard 5 PET plastic gallon carboy accessories, including racking canes, handles, and more. 15" tall, 8" wide. Takes a #10 stopper and airlock (stopper and airlock not included).

Average rating 9.2 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

perfect size and weight

Review by nathanial on 10/25/2022

been brewing regular 5 gallon batches with some heavy glass carboys that I inherited. these 3 gallon plastic carboys are a much better fit for my smaller space. light enough even full to carry around. plus, though I haven't dropped one yet, I bet they would be fine.

Great carboy

Review by Jones on 6/3/2020

...glad I purchased the plastic variant. So much easier to handle and also looks quit nice.

Excellent fermenter

Review by Vince on 9/27/2014

Pros: 1) lightweight, 2) virtually unbreakable, 3) glass-like clarity, 4) easy to add a spigot 4) compact size Cons: 1) dents easily from handling 2) negative pressure will cause sides to crease leaving mark (i.e. using a silicone one-way valve stopper while cold crashing), 3) a bit difficult to clean (cannot use bottle brush) These are the fermenters I use the most. To clean, I use a Mark's Keg Washer with PBW and a washcloth for stubborn debris. They are pretty banged up/dented but still going strong and clear enough to see the fermentations clearly. They would likely still be pristine if treated more gently...

Arrived Dented, Replaced, Using Now

Review by Ben on 1/7/2014

I received this as a Christmas present. When I opened the box, I discovered a massive dent in the side of the carboy. I popped it back out, but it still left two dimple sized dents. I called WB and they promptly sent a replacement. Arrived quickly and without the dents. Fermenting a hard cider in it right now. I like this design to the Better Bottles due to the clean sides. Nowhere for yeast/trub to get "stuck". Got this mainly for small experimental batches. Rated it 4/5 because there are no line markers. It would be nice if it was painted on the outside. Made my own. Excellent customer service!!

Easy to handle....

Review by Susan on 10/20/2013

We purchased three of these 3-gallon and one of the 5-gallon carboys and have used them a lot. They're easy to handle, not as heavy as the glass ones, and there are no worries about breakage. It's a challenge to clean them though when they get caked with yeast residue along the inside shoulders; but soaking them with a little detergent in warm water, then applying a soft sponge on the end of a bent rod seems to do the trick. To avoid that little hassle we mostly use them now for secondary fermentation and aging, and use our Speidel tanks for primary fermentation--you can get your whole arm right down inside those things to clean them. We're thinking of buying another of these for storing and aging wine. Supposedly they would work OK for the aging process, until the wine is ready to bottle, and they're less expensive than wooden barrels. If you want the oakey taste, get some toasted oak chips.

Jan 14, 2018 by Dave

Q: Can I get this with a spigot and if so, what will it cost?

A: No, this model only comes without a spigot.

Dec 20, 2017 by Bryan

Q: Does the orange carboy cap fit this carboy? If not, any suggestions on what to use to transfer out of this carboy with CO2? thanks!

A: Yes, our item E35 Carboy cap does fit this tightly.

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