Fermzilla Lid O ring

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Replacement Lid O Ring for the Fermzilla 27 and 55 Liter. This replaces a torn or damaged lid O ring and assures proper sealing. 
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Should Help Lid Sealing

Review by Steve W. on 12/22/2019

Honestly, I have not used this yet but I ordered it as a preventative step in case I have problems with lid leakage when I start to use pressure during fermentation. Williams Brewing offers the O-ring at a reasonable price with quick shipping. If used and I find the lid very difficult to remove, I will slightly loosen the retaining collar, apply slight pressure to the FermZilla, and the lid should be freed. Wiliam's Brewing Responds: As a side note, we retrofit all Fermzillas with this O ring before we send them out, so no need to buy this as an accessory if you purchase your Fermzilla from us.

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