1/2" Tubing Spring Tip Filler

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This 1/2" interior diameter tubing model is the upper filler in the above picture. Features a secure valve that is easily disassembled for cleaning. Fits 1/2" interior diameter tubing. 12" long. See needed 1/2" tubing (sold by the foot) below.
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Review by BUFFHUNTER on 7/14/2018

I bought this to replace one I had for a few years when it started leaking. I think this is the best way to fill bottles. The 1/2'' size fills bottles quicker than the 3/8''. You push the bottle upward to start beer filling, and let the bottle lower to stop. Filling to the top and then removing the gizmo leaves the required air space in bottle.

Simple Is Great

Review by Kyle on 6/1/2012

All though this is a very simple devise it is awesome when it comes to filling bottle. I actually find I can fill bottles much faster with this than some of the single bottle automatic fillers. Sometimes simple is just better. Easy to use, easy to clean.

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