3/8" Tubing Spring Tip Filler

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This 3/8" interior diameter tubing model is the lower filler in the above picture. Features a secure valve that is easily disassembled for cleaning. Fits 3/8" interior diameter tubing. Fills a 12 oz. bottle in 15 seconds.
Average rating 8.64285714285714 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Tip comes off tube too easily

Review by Charles W Allen on 2/3/2021

This is the second batch of bottles I've used this on and the tip has come off the tube, in the bottle, 3 times. Yes, it disassembles easily. No, coming off in the bottle is not a convenience. At $3, how can I complain about the quality? Everything about it is fine except for the part where it stays together while I am using it. I'm going to have to glue it on.

⅜ is likely right

Review by Ed on 1/31/2021

Should have purchased one of these long ago for my swing top filing. They are indeed easy to clean as there are just 3 parts outside the long tube that are friction fitted and come apart with a small tug (ring, spring, plunger). ⅜ is probably right of you are using a 5 gallon priming tank bucket scenario.

Works well, but low fill level

Review by Glenn on 3/16/2017

I find when I fill the bottle completely and then pull the filler out, it leaves 1-3/4" of headspace. I think that's just a little too much air space. Last time, I pulled the filler up and pressed the tip against the inside of the neck to let it fill higher. I can fill it to whatever level I want that way.

No Hassles

Review by Steven on 5/18/2015

Bought this as a backup to my original that I have had for 4 years. Used it on my last bottling session with absolutely no problem. Well worth the $.

Poor Design

Review by Pete on 9/22/2012

The tip popped off when filling my first bottle; beer went everywhere. The only thing keeping the "secure valve" in place is friction between the two pieces. The spring loaded tip also pushes against the tubing making a beer catastrophe inevitable. Don't let your beer and hard work go to waste. Not worth the three dollars or the headache that it brings.

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