William's Scotch Whiskey Kit

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Needed Yeast, Optional Ultra Ferm

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William's Scotch Whiskey Kit is an advanced mashing kit for making authentic unpeated Scotch with electric mashing and distilling equipment like the Mash & Boil, Grainfather, or Robobrew/Brewzilla.  It includes crushed distilling barley, brewing sugar, and toasted American Oak Sticks that let you 'barrel age' your bourbon in a ordinary 12 ounce beer bottle.  This kit produces a 5 gallon mash with a starting gravity of around 1.077, which when fermented and then distilled, results in 5 to 6 twelve ounce bottles of 90 proof scotch.  Aging time for optimum flavor is 2 years in beer bottles with Toasted Oak Sticks inserted.

This is an advanced kit intended for brewers who own electric mashing and distilling equipment like the Mash & Boil, Robobrew, or Grainfather. Besides these items, you will also need an optional distilling lid, pot still distilling column, and an Alcometer or Proof & Tralle hydrometer. 

Click HERE to download the instructions in pdf format.

Includes 13 pounds of crushed whiskey malt,  2 pounds of brewing sugar, and 7 Toasted American Oak Sticks (put one in each 12 ounce beer bottle, and age for 1 to 2 years).

OPTIONAL WHITE LABS ULTRA FERM: We suggest the enzyme Ultra Ferm as an option for those who want the highest possible extract from this 5 gallon batch. It is not necessary, but if you use it, your final gravity will typically be about 5 - 7 points lower than if not used. For example, this kit has a starting gravity of about 1.078, and if you do not use Ultra Ferm, a typical final gravity will be between 1.000 and 1.008. If you use Ultra Ferm, expect the final gravity to be between 0.995 and 1.000.

NOTE: Needed yeast is not included, we recommend Safale S05.

DISTILLING AND THE LAW: Distilling alcohol without a license is currently illegal in the United States. The customer is responsible for checking all State and Federal laws regarding distillation before ordering, and obtaining the proper licenses from local authorities.
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