Digiboil Pot Still Package

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This package features the 8 gallon capacity Digiboil, as well as the pure copper Kegland Pot Still Condenser with quick disconnect hose fittings, and a Digiboil compatible still lid. The Digiboil boiler features precise digital temperature control, so you can set your target boiling temperature to whatever you prefer, which helps prevent a too rapid rise in temperature and off flavors in the distillate.

You will need to run cold water through the condensing column while your run is in progress.  You have two cooling options here, you can either use your own garden hoses and Melnor- style hose disconnects, or buy our KegLand Still Cooling Connection Kit, item Q74.

Note: This combination is a still unit only, and does not have a mashing basket. See our C63 Digimash accessory above if you want mashing capability.

Click to download the suggested use instructions in pdf format.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Good Product

Review by Schierstein on 4/12/2020

Willams Brewing did an excellent job getting the items packaged and shipped. Ordered Sunday and was at my door Friday before noon. The drinking jar had a musty smell that took a vinegar soak to remove. As for the Digiboil it's a tad flimsy, has a few minor manufacturing marks, the valve is okay. The pot still head is well made with nice solder joints. The thermometer is good, it has an auto shut off so you have to turn it on every 10-15 min. A suggestion would be to include the needed quick connects, or make it add on option. Over all it is a good product especially for the price. I will defiantly be doing business with Willams Brewing in the future. Digiboil Pot Still Package gets 4 stars, Willams Brewing gets 5 stars.

Digiboil pot still

Review by Michael on 7/31/2019

This pot still sets up and operates easily. This was my first time distilling and once I understood the procedure this pot still worked perfectly. The two switches with the 500 & 1000 watts are perfect for adjusting the temperature.

Dec 19, 2020 by Anthony

Q: Do you make adapter to extend this column?

A: You could make one with our part numbers Z56, Z59, Z57, and Z58. Note you will need two Z57 and two Z58 seals and clamps to complete this, and one Z56 and one Z59.

Nov 28, 2020 by TJ

Q: Is this 110 or 220v?

A: 110 volts

Oct 17, 2019 by JOHN

Q: Can I buy the distilling package separately? I already have a digiboil

A: Yes you can. From our website search for item B78. Then select the Grainfather/Brewzilla pot still package for $164.99.

Jun 22, 2019 by Larry

Q: Do you have a lid or adapter to fit a Brewers Edge?

A: This fits the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil: https://www.williamsbrewing.com/Mash-Boil-Distilling-Package-P4496.aspx

Mar 30, 2019 by chuck

Q: does this have temp control, does it come as pictured and are all parts replaceable

A: Yes, it has digital temperature control. All parts are replaceable except the heating elements, which are welded onto the bottom of the boiler (same as the Mash & Boil, Robobrew, and Grainfather).

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