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Do you want to get everything you need to start mashing and distilling at a savings? This package features the Brewer's Edge® Mash & Boil, Mashing Basket, as well as the Kegland Reflex Still Condenser, a quick disconnect Cooling Hose Kit, and a KegLand Distilling Parrot with Alcometer for monitoring your run. Get it all in this package and save $100.00 over separate purchase prices. A reflex still is best for clear spirits like Vodka and Gin, as it strips out the flavors of the wash, and produces the cleanest possible distillate.

Unlike the Digiboil, the Mash & Boil features precise digital temperature control with 1000 and 1600 watt settings, so in addition to setting the target temperature, you can also vary the intensity of the electric heat to allow for a slower temperature rise from the start of the run at 173° F to the end at about 204° F. This slow rise in the temperature of the boil results in the smoothest possible spirit, and maximizes yield.

To monitor your run, the solid stainless KegLand Distilling Parrot is included with an Alcometer Hydrometer that floats as the run progresses, giving you a real time alcohol strength reading from start to finish.This is vital as you need to know when to stop your run,typically when the distillate drops to 35% to 40% alcohol.

You will need to run cold water through the condensing column while your one hour (or so) run is in progress. Our Cooling Connection kit with 20' of hose and quick disconnect hose fittings is included for this, and has a female garden hose thread inlet so you can get cooling water from any garden hose style faucet.

A Mashing Basket is included so you can also create washes from barley and or corn mashes.

B95 Mash & Boil with Pump, Basket, & Stainless Distilling Lid
C75 KegLand Reflex Distilling Column
Q74 Cooling Hose Connection Kit
C95 Distilling Parrot
B95 Drinking Jar

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Jul 21, 2019 by Jack

Q: Does this package come with everything I would need to create a mash? IE basket and pump.

A: It has a mash tun without a pump, and a mash basket. So it has everything you need if you do not use a pump to recirculate.

Jan 31, 2019 by Josh

Q: With this setup is it possible to remove the packing, control the temperature, and basically run it as a pot still?

A: Not recommended, the packing is hard to remove and replace.

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