33 Pound Malt Extract Grab Bag

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This is at least 33 pounds of our syrup malt extract from packaging overruns, ranging from 1 pound to 10 pounds per pouch. Any of our extracts could be included.  We may include dry malt extract in bags with repaired leaks. We check each one to make sure the total weight of the extract excluding packaging is at least 33 lbs., no matter what the bags inside are labeled. Repaired leaking pouches may be included.

NOTE: This item weighs about 35 lbs. total, and actual Fedex Ground shipping based on your delivery zip code will be charged at checkout.

Average rating 9.27272727272727 out of 10 ( based on 11 reviews )

extract brewer forever

Review by scott on 4/28/2021

If you want to try different extracts this is the way too go, But get it quick limited quantity. You have to get it before me :)

A great way to get creative...

Review by GREGG on 10/29/2014

I have bought the grab bag on a few occasions and always felt it was a great deal. There's no better way to get creative and save some money in the process. Unfortunately, this now costs me almost thirty bucks to get shipped to me in the Southeast, which is to prohibitive for purchase. Highly recommended for those of you that live closer to California.

Good to try out different style beers.

Review by Steel on 4/16/2013

Good starter pack if you want to try different style beers. Also, of reasonable value. The down side: You may never get the required amount of malt for a single style of beer. Be prepared to supplement with malts you may have at home. Excellent service by Williamsbrewing overall.

Malt Extract grab bag

Review by Garrett S. on 1/26/2012

This is a great way to experiment and make new beers. Plus, it's a great deal on extract. You'd better have recipes laying around that you're ready to use! 33lbs of malt extract takes awhile to use.

Take advantage of this offer

Review by MICHAEL M. on 3/13/2008

Pros: This is a *very good* way to experiment with new beers that one might not try otherwise at a price that can't be beat. I just received my second box in about as many years, and I'll do this again when I finish with this order if the opportunity exists.

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