Taphandle Threaded Insert for Hard Woods

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Turn almost anything made out of wood into a tap handle!  This brass threaded wood insert features machine threads that fit all tap handles.  Drill a 1/2" diameter hole (5/8" deep) in the bottom of your future taphandle, and screw this insert in with a large screwdriver or coin. Then simply screw your new taphandle onto any beer faucet and you are done.  This insert is best for harder woods like maple and walnut (for pine and other softwoods, see our item R74). Great for making your own taphandle gifts. 

Length: .63"
Diameter: .56"
Material: Brass
Ideal Drill Size: 33/64

Average rating 8.64285714285714 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Tap Handle Wood Insert is really just soft Brass

Review by fattymattybrewing on 2/4/2007

Pros: Most directions that I have read recommend using a coin to screw in the insert but when you drill a 1/2" hole, the insert is super hard to get in and a coin wil actually just breaak off the brass notches.

Cons: I have found that this prodcut works best if you use a 1/2 inch hole and drill out a little extra space around the outside diameter of the hole so it is about 1/16 inch bigger than the 1/2 inch and use some graphite or wax on the insert threads so it is easier to screw in. The to screw it in us a door latch plate which has more to grip than a coin on the inserts notch. I just don't have a screw driver with that large of a standard head.

try antlers!

Review by Laurie T. on 11/29/2007

Pros: These worked great to make a pair of antler tap handles. A standard drill works at first to start the hole, then a dremel finishs it off for a perfect fit

Cons: None

Power Driver for threaded insert

Review by Ron Page on 6/4/2009

Pros: It works perfectly, however, I had the same problem getting a screwdriver large enough to fit the slot. (I finally made one) However, since I'm in the process of making over 50 tap handles, I did a little research and found a special power driver that is made specifically for the task. It's called an E-Z lock 500-5 drive tool. McMaster Carr industrial supply (609-259-8900) (part #94110A160) sells them for around $9. Perhaps Williams will stock them in the future.

Works as expected

Review by Elijah on 5/12/2011

This is a quality product that does its job well. No, you probably don't have a scre driver large enough and a coin will not give you enough leverage. I ended up holding a small screw driver horizontally and putting the shaft into the insert slots and using the screw driver as a handle that way. On another project in a material ill-suited for holding threads, I drilled the hole oversized (5/8") and epoxied the insert in. That worked great too.

Easy to use

Review by Mikkel H. on 5/22/2011

I drilled holes in hockey pucks and screwed these in - they work great!

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