Zinfandel Concentrate For 5 Gallons

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William's California Wine Concentrates are made from 100% Central Valley varietal wine grapes, picked at their peak and gently concentrated with minimum heat (never exceeding 180 degrees F.) under vacuum to 68 Brix. Sugar has not been added, nor is sugar needed to make 5 gallons of full-bodied varietal wine.

The 192 ounces of concentrate included in each pack is enough to make 5 gallons of wine with an alcohol content of 12 to 13%. Contains sulfiltes, so you do not need to add them before fermentation. Our California Wine Concentrates are also acid balanced, so you do not need to add acid or do an acid titration test (unless you want to).

What is Old Vine Zinfandel?  It is Zinfandel Wine made by grapes produced by Zinfandel Vines that are 50 years old or older. Older vines, although they produce less fruit per acre, have deeper roots (down to 40') and tend to produce fruit with a more intense flavor and higher mineral content. Zinfandel is a grape that originated in California, and makes a red with a fruity softness that is quite pleasing even after a relatively short aging period.

Note: This includes concentrate only, and does not include yeast, oak, or other additives that may be needed to ferment 5 gallons of wine. For complete wine kits, see our William's California Wine Kits.

NOTE: This concentrate is unpasteurized, and should be refrigerated upon arrival. Refrigerated shelf life is 8 weeks from date of receipt.

An old Zinfandel vineyard in Lodi, California, where grapes are grown for our California Wine Concentrates.

Average rating 8.375 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )


Review by Jack on 6/9/2022

Started 5/21/21 and racked every 2-3 weeks. Aged in 5 gallon water Carboy. I immediately reordered both Zinfandel and Merlot. Liked them both and bottled some for two year tasting.


Review by Stephen on 5/21/2021

I had purchased Zinfandel concentrate before when it came in a can and thought it was a wonderful product. For some reason the new Zinfandel I purchase this year in a very dirty funky earthy flavor to it. Not very happy. Not sure if I just got a crappy batch or what

Zinfandel concentrate

Review by Gary Hoover on 10/14/2020

a great product at an affordable price. I've fermented this one many times and never had an issue. I try and let it age a minimum of 1 year before drinking and rack a couple of times during aging to help clear it. I use stainless kegs for secondary fermentation and aging and then dispense with a beer tap using argon gas. works like a charm and no bottling needed. A great product at a great price.

Get it on ferment soon

Review by Chris on 9/21/2019

Great product. I waited a few weeks before getting it into a fermenter, and was glad they double bagged the juice with heavy plastic as our warmer weather here appeared to cause it to begin fermenting in the bag, it ballooned and opened the packing box on its own. Got it into the fermenter, added water until SG came down to about 1.100, for a total volume of about 4.5 gallons. Juice at that point had good aroma, fuller body and nice taste. Added a packet of yeast, and it was off and bubbling that evening. Will add oak chips after transferring to settle. I believe this is going to be a good one.

Berries galore

Review by Steel on 10/31/2012

Decided to skip oak chips. One can taste the berries better without the oak. Excellent even as a young wine. Dark, medium bodied, fruity and full of berries. Color gets lighter as it ages past the 3 months mark. Accompanies food well. Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212 - works better than the red star. Requires 3 raking, for complete and spontaneous clearing. Did not use clarifying agents. Overall, a good value and wine making experience.

May 21, 2022 by Randy

Q: What is the shipping volume of the concentrate?

A: 192 fluid ounces

Apr 21, 2021 by Dave May

Q: Can I freeze the wine concentrate to store it longer than recommended? Also, are the concentrates acid adjusted, or left at the naturally occuring acids in the grape?

A: Freezing will definitely increase the life and keep quality over longer periods of time. Concentrates are not acid adjusted. In fact the concentration process in its nature reduces the acidity. When that much water content is removed during the evaporation process the natural acids become very unstable and varying amounts precipitate out during storage. We highly recommend home wine makers adjust acidity to their liking and taste

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