Digiboil 65 Liter Reflux Still Package (220 volts)

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This package features the 17 gallon capacity Digiboil, as well as the pure copper Kegland Reflux Condenser and Digiboil distilling lid. 

Includes all the equipment you need except  two garden hoses for carrying cooling water, 2 female garden hose quick disconnects*, a Proof & Tralle Hydrometer and Hydrometer Jar (see at right). For making clear spirits like Vodka and Gin.

 You will need to run cold water through the condensing column while your run is in progress.  You have two cooling options here, you can either use your own garden hoses and Melnor- style hose disconnects, or buy our KegLand Still Cooling Connection Kit, item Q74.

Note that this does not include a grain basket for mashing like the Mash & Boil Reflex Still Package, so you will need to have your fermented wash ready to add to this unit.  The Reflux Condenser strips all the impurities out of the distillate, and is perfect for making clear spirits like Vodka and Gin. If you want mashing capability add our optional Digimash package C30.

Click to download the assembly instructions in pdf format.

Click to download the suggested use instructions in pdf format.

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Jul 17, 2020 by Alex

Q: What are the dimensions of the distilling column? How tall? Diameter?

A: The Reflex Column itself is 20" tall, and 2.25" in diameter.

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