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A rich dry blended coffee with fruity, wine-like tones and some wild notes in the finish. Grown by small farmers in the Riripa area, who bring their coffee to be processed in the Haji Betro wet mill. This fully washed coffee has been described as bright and velvety, with notes of citrus, tea, melon, stone fruit.

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Average rating 9.375 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Great coffee

Review by Anthony Callison on 7/7/2020

Roasted over campfire in cast iron skillet this coffee has a wine like flavor and a well rounded balanced taste.

Good Yirgacheffe, good price

Review by Dominic on 1/30/2019

This is a good Yirgacheffe, but not the best I've had. The characteristic wine-y, fruit-y flavors are a little subdued compared to other examples I've tried. However, the price is good and it's still a tasty African coffee.


Review by Mr.Roy on 1/8/2019

I had this years ago, and tried it again. Most excellent, one of my new favorites..


Review by Keith on 2/11/2018

We never drank this alone, so I can't say how it tastes as single origin. We blend Brazil Estate, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Costa Rican SHB EP Tarrazu La Pastora. Amazing! No discernible acidity, full body, and blend of earthy, chocolate, and floral notes. It does get challenging to get all these in one place. For this bean, oxidizing is key. Let it rest for 3 days before grinding, in a jar with lid sitting on loose

Not the standard roaster

Review by Norm on 1/8/2018

I have not tried this coffee yet (resting) but for the roasting - It is not like others! 99% of my other coffees enlarge after drying (the yellow to tan phase) these little buggers don't get bigger until half way between the first crack and the second. = in the air rosters do 3 scopes instead of 4, else you burn them during the drying and first crack because they are not fluidized like normal coffee after the yellow phase. I hope to update the tasting in a week or two.

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