Weizenbeer Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Like the traditional weizenbeers of Southern Germany, our Weizenbeer is formulated with 60% wheat malt for a unique soft flavor and outstanding head retention. The Hallertau hopping rate is low, balancing the sweetness of the malt without masking the soft wheat flavor. To make our Weizenbeer completely authentic, we include a blend of two liquid yeasts - a traditional wheat beer yeast for the slightly wild, clove-like character of wheat beer blended with a mild ale yeast to temper the stronger wheat yeast-produced flavors. Alcohol: 3.9%, IBU's 28.

Includes 6 lbs. of our blended wheat malt extract, Hallertau hops, 125 ml of liquid wheat beer yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of 1.039. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 9.16129032258064 out of 10 ( based on 31 reviews )

Weiz chioce!

Review by DAVE M. on 6/22/2006

Pros: This was my first brew and a great one at that. I was surprised at how easy this beer was to make compared to how well it tasted! Spice it up by throwing a slice of lemon into the glass while pouring!

Cons: I used the mini-kegs and feel that some of the potential of this brew was lost due to foam. But who knows, the batch didn't last very long and no one complained!!!


Review by Scott C. on 10/13/2006

Pros: This was my firstbrew with the William's kit. Beer came out better than I thought. Tasted just like a Bavarian style wheat.

Make it a Honey Wheat

Review by KEVIN H. on 11/19/2006

Pros: This beer has a great taste. I've also added extra honey to give it a little more kick. But more honey needs more fermenting time.

Cons: none

Good stuff!

Review by Robert S. on 2/24/2007

Pros: This was my first try at home brewing. I came out great. I gave some to people at work and they loved it. Will do this one again.

Great KIt!

Review by Jason J. on 9/14/2007

Pros: It does not get easier than this kit. The strength of a kit like this is that the proper ingredients are gathered for you. The yeast produced all of the expected wheat beer ester flavors. Great for a beginner or any lover of wheat brews.

Cons: The individual components are labeled with codes only - not names, so I have no idea what kind of hops or malt are in the bag without doing a little hunting on the website.

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