Carbonation Drops

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These hard sugar (73% sugar, 23% glucose) drops will each carbonate 12 ounces of beer. Easy to use, and great for when you are both bottling and kegging the same batch. 256 gram bag (9 ounces) contains approx. 54 drops.  

                                                ** PLEASE NOTE THAT QUANTITY OF DROPS MAY VARY **

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bag is difficult to open

Review by David Ryan on 8/6/2021

The bag is very difficult to open. I cut the bag just above the zip-lock and still could not open the bag. I had to cut below the zip-lock to get the bag open.

easy to use

Review by Thomas Redfern on 5/12/2021

This is my first time using carbonation drops. Seemed easy to do! capped bottles and put into dark room and will see if they work.

Added Carbonation

Review by Tim on 9/28/2017

Drops worked great, however I was disappointed that the picture when I purchased stated there were 62 drops and only a 54 tablet package was delivered.

Quick and easy!

Review by Reynaldo on 10/21/2013

These carbonating drops work great every time. One drop per 12 oz bottle, or 2 for a 22 oz. Boiling and cooling priming suger takes way too long.

Carbonation Drops

Review by Daniel Raymond on 9/5/2011

I bottled and capped my last batch of beer and then discovered my priming sugar on the counter. Instead of pouring all my beer back in the bottling bucket I removed the caps on each bottle added a carbonation drop and recapped. The beer turned out great without a lot of extra work Thanks to Willam's Brewing.

May 12, 2019 by Hayden Oldham

Q: Hi If i want to carbonate a 5L party keg, can i still use these drops at a higher rate? thanks

A: Yes. Just convert 5 liters to US fluid ounces and divide by 12 to get the amount of drops needed.

Dec 03, 2016 by David Drinkwater

Q: Are these "sanitary enough" that you would put them in a bottle to condition without further effort and trust them not to contaminate it? The "ease" goes away if not.... Thanks.

A: We use these without worrying about sanitizing them. At bottling time, the beer is fermented out with low sugar content, so the chance of contamination is less.

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