4 Oz. American Oak Chips

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To use, rinse with water and steam sterilize in a vegetable cooker for 20 minutes, and add to fermenter. These are toasted for a crisper oak character. Unlike cubes which take a few weeks to impart flavor, oak chips impart their flavor relatively rapidly in beer. Use 1 to 2 oz. per 5 gallons, leaving the chips in contact with the beer for at least 8 days. Produced from American oak which has a slightly more aggressive flavor than French oak chips .
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Great for adding earthy aromas and flavors

Review by Jeremy Robinson on 8/17/2014

I recently aged an imperial stout with these and some roasted pablano peppers. It turned out great, with the oak chips adding some nice earthy complexity.

great character

Review by Daniel on 3/25/2014

I added these to an IPA and it came out fantastic. I put 1 ounce in 5 gallons and let it sit for a month. The oak character was just right and not too over the top. I also have a stout currently aging with some of these oak chips that I soaked in bourbon for a month.

Great Addition

Review by Spence on 9/4/2011

I recently brewed a batch of stout that I wanted to just have something different than the regular oatmeal stout taste to. So I soaked these woodchips in whiskey for about a week and dropped them into my secondary. What an excellent flavor it added to the overall stout. Neither the whiskey or oak flavor was too overpowering and it created a nice smooth brew.

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