4 Oz. American Oak Cubes

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Unlike chips or powder, oak cubes (each one is about a half inch in diameter) can easily be added and removed from beer or wine, and can be reused. To use, rinse with water and add to fermenter. These are toasted to a medium toast for a crisper oak character. Use 1 to 2 oz. per 5 gallons of beer or wine, leaving the cubes in contact with the beer for at least 20 days (wine for ast least 60 days). Produced from American oak which has a slightly more aggressive flavor than French oak cubes.

Average rating 8.8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Bold and effective

Review by Dan on 8/16/2019

I used these in a rye ale. We brewed 5 gallons, and as my first effort with them, I figured go strong and gauge how much to pull back. So, 4 ounces is way too much (as the instructions would imply). I filled a jar with them and filled the rest with Rittenhouse Rye for strength of flavor. That sat for about two weeks and spent a couple of weeks in the brew. There was a definite oak punch. This time I'll go with 2 ounces.

Great product and great flavors!

Review by Daniel on 7/27/2013

Used this with Makers Mark in a Weizenbock and it turned out fantastic at 12% abv! wonderful slightly smoked flavor makes for a great winter beer and perfect with any meat!

Worked great

Review by Ryan on 11/26/2012

I soaked the blocks in Makers Mark for 2 weeks before adding to a BBL aged Pumpkin Ale. The flavor coming off was fantastic! I added them back to the bourbon I had saved and hope to get another use or two out of them.

It put the cask in my Cask Ale

Review by Ginger on 11/9/2012

We used these chips to make our Vanilla Bourbon Cask Ale and they worked great. It was a no muss, no fuss, easy in, easy out way to flavor the batch. We soaked the chips in the bourbon for a week before adding to the fermenter. We are making another batch this weekend just in time for the holidays.

Oaken up your palate

Review by Eric C. on 6/22/2009

Pros: We decided to mimic an old-style British IPA (stored/shipped in oak barrels)safd, of course we used the Williams 'American' IPA kit, the results were subtle yet very good--made the IPA extra smooooth, like it came off a nitro-spinner. We steamed the cubes first, just to make sure they were a little more bacteria free. Toss them in after cooling the wort.

Cons: None

Oct 10, 2020 by Michael

Q: Can the cubes be reused after sanitizing?

A: Yes, although they lose their initial toasted oak flavor after the first use. They gain flavor from whatever you soak them in which replaces the initial toasted oak flavor. So yes, they can be reused, but they change with each use, something like a sponge?

Aug 16, 2019 by DannyBrew

Q: Is there a shelf life for these cubes? I've had an unopened bag for 3 years that I'd like to use.

A: They should be fine after 3 years.

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