23 L. German Melanoidin Malt

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Melanoidin malt is like German Munich malt, except more aromatic and darker, producing a more reddish color than the gold produced by Munich. Improves body and duplicates the fullness produced by decoction mashing with the need for multiple temperature rests. Use up to 20% in the mash.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Plus decoction

Review by Jg on 12/17/2021

This is a good additions to Bock and Märzen mashes. I still use a single decoction and this ups the maltiness and smoothness for the brew.

Best Thing Since the Decoction Mash

Review by Stephen on 1/28/2012

I use 5-20% in most of my Czech and German style lagers in place of a decoction mash. Adds a wonderful bready flavor.

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