3 L. Golden Promise Malt

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Made from rich Scottish Golden Promise malting barley, this malt is ideal for Scottish ales, and any beer that needs the full maltiness that floor-malted Scottish malt provides. Well modified, and easy to mash at 148 to 156 degrees. F.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Golden Promise

Review by Brandon on 3/31/2015

Very distinct malty taste that I have found perfect for a base malt (up to 100%) to add balance to heavily hopped IPAs or stouts. Excellent choice to add a more malty flavor and aroma to complex beers.

Golden Promise rules

Review by Thomas on 10/20/2013

A great way to start any all grain brew. I have used many others but the Golden Promise allows me the most control in color and allows other grain features to stand out in the recipe. As long as this is on the shelve it will be in my check out basket. just_brew_it

Great Base

Review by Mike on 11/1/2012

I always wanted to try this mainstay for Scottish Ales. I actually used it in an English Special Bitter. There was only a tiny amount of Crystal in it, and the head retention and sweetness of this malt was incredible. The packaging by Williams in individual sealed pound bags has made me a very loyal customer. It beats the hell out of a big bag with a tie on it that sometimes they don't even label! That's a problem if your buying multiple big bags of different malts at the same approx. Lovibond. Thanks Williams!

golden promise malt

Review by todd d. on 5/9/2010

Pros: Looking for something different in your next brew try this grain. Excellent malt flavor and aroma; very plump grains.

Cons: price is alittle high but well worth it

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