German Tettnang Hop Pellets

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The original noble hop from the Tettnang region of Germany, ideal for your finest lagers and wheat beers. This limited availability hop has a fine, pure aroma, that is not present in United States grown Tettnanger. Average alpha acid: 3.4%

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Seriously? 1.8%???

Review by Brian on 4/4/2017

Yeah, it's my fault for not seeing it in the description, but I've never had Tettnanger hops that were less than 4%. These are less than half that, so plan accordingly. Would've been cheaper to buy some with legit AA from my local brick and mortar instead of doubling up on these. Lesson learned.


Review by RobJ on 2/13/2016

Great hoops for European Beer styles. Fresh aroma abounds fro the sealed package (Thanks Williams).


Review by Gary Watts on 11/10/2011

These Tetnanger hops are some of the best I have ever used! Tetnanger is my favorite hop, and these are making my beers ROCK! Really FRESH flavor...

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