German Hallertau Mittelfrueh Hop Pellets

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Imported from Germany, true Hallertau Mittelfrueh has the classic Hallertauer flavor profile. If you are looking to brew an authentic European-style lager, this is the best choice. Mild spicy flavor and aroma. Average alpha acid: 3.8%

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German hopped bitter

Review by Stephen Ruch on 2/17/2021

My go to pilsner hop I recently used these in an ordinary bitter with great results.


Review by Will Schmit on 5/13/2019

I have been sneaking up on the perfect Classic American Pilsner recipe, and it just wasn't happening the way I wanted it. I spoke with a local (award-winning) brewmaster at one of our local craft breweries. I had been using Hallertau, but the Mittelfrueh was exactly what was missing. I bought enough to make a SMASH pilsner with it too...

Hallertau Mittelfrueh Hops

Review by Terry L. on 12/31/2013

I've used these for years in my Traditional and American Hefe-Weizen and Dunkel-Weizen brews. You can't make a true Hefe-Weizen without them (Learned from a German Brewmaster while I was stationed there). William's has the freshest, most aromatic of any I've found in the US. Highly Recommended.

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