4 Oz. Natural Cherry

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One bottle will flavor 5 gallons of beer, or up to 7½ gallons of mead. Great for wheat beers and light ales.
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Second time no better

Review by Richard on 11/7/2014

Tried this cherry flavoring a second time using the entire bottle for a five gal 'light' batch. Still could not taste any cherry flavoring. Still no safety seal or exp date. Trust me stay away from this flavoring stuff. I will never use it again.


Review by Richard on 1/24/2014

Following the directions on the 4oz bottle I only added half, 2oz to my 5gal american light not wanting to make the beer taste like soda pop. I have tried two bottles of the beer and can not taste any cherry flavor. For 5gal to get some cherry flavor use at least 3oz. A big concern I also had was with the bottle packaging. There was no safety seal on the bottle. Anything could be put in it. Also there was no manf. date on the bottle so you do not know how old it was. I will get one more bottle to try with one more batch, putting 3/4 or the entire bottle in and if there is still problems it will be my last flavoring I buy from williams.

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