William's Cream Soda Extract

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William's Extracts are the finest available, for a rich, old-fashioned flavor.   One 4 ounce bottle (and 3 pounds of cane sugar or equivalent) will make 3 gallons of rich non alcoholic soda using the traditional mix and carbonate method. Think of our Cream Soda as something like a smoother version of Root Beer.

 Safety Warning:  If you bottle condition with champagne yeast, use plastic PET bottles, as glass bottles could explode, causing personal injury. Carbonating with yeast can be unreliable, and some batches may turn out flat, while others can be overcarbonated.

For soda making instructions, click HERE

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Full flavor!

Review by Casey on 1/28/2012

We bought this extract, and although I didn't measure it out before hand, we made a full 5 gallon batch that we force carbonated in our kegs. We went to the gnome website and followed their instructions, which I think had 1/2 brown and 1/2 white sugar, and maybe a little vanilla. The flavor was really rich, but very good. It was great as an ice cream float, or even with a little bourbon. I would definitely recommend!

Too Little Product in Pouch

Review by William on 6/3/2011

The flavor and aroma are great, but when I poured the "4-ounce" pouch into a clear, graduated measuring cup I wasn't too pleased that it only had three ounces in it. I guess they used bad gnomes for quality control the day it was packaged.

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