110 volt Robobrew Replacement Pump

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Replacement pump for the Robobrew Gen 2 and Gen 3. Includes wiring harness, ready to install.  Also fits the Brewzilla Gen 3.1.1.

Keep in mind that these pumps are very reliable, and when you hear yours buzzing or making noise and not pumping it is usually due to a clog in the line, or an obstruction in the pump head (like a small bit of leaf hops or even a piece of styrofoam from the original packing). Taking apart the pump head and clearing the obstruction usually clears the problem.

This is 110 volt pump and only fits Robobrew or Brewzilla models that run on 110 volts.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Easy install

Review by Ted Winning on 4/12/2022

The original pump in my Robobrew had been intermittent, difficulty starting. It finally quit altogether during a mash that I finished by manually recirculating. Immediately ordered the replacement from Williams. I was happy to see they offered an "exact replacement." It was truly a "plug and play" operation. The wires were easily connected to the proper places and pump worked beautifully without any hitches.

Just what the Doctor ordered

Review by Dr. Hook on 4/18/2020

Middle of my mash and d’oh! Pump crapped out. No worries, limped to the finish and still produced a fine Czech Pils. Take the pump off and disassemble to find the plastic rod that the plastic impeller rotates on to be very stiff, doesn’t spin very freely. I new I had to act fast. Found Williams to have the best price and the chaps for her to me from the left coast in record time! Installed new and we be brewing again. First batch with new pump, Citrademic. All Citra Imperial Hazy IPA, brewed and fermented while most were furloughed. Sipping on one as I type. Cheers to all.

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