Scratch Free Carboy Brush

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The first brush designed for both glass and plastic fermenters.  Featuring a plastic coated wire handle to prevent scratching in plastic carboys and Fermonsters, but still rigid enough for glass carboys. 24” long, braided wire and nylon bristle construction. Fits all our plastic, glass, and Fermonster style fermenters.  Besides plastic and glass carboys, this is also useful for cleaning the inside shoulders of 3 and 5 gallon kegs.  Also great for Big Mouth Bubbler® and Better Bottle fermenters.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Good For Carboys

Review by Browneye on 6/25/2019

I use glass carboys for fermenting. When the beer gets racked off in some cases there's a pretty tough ring of krausen at the top of the bottle. A little PBW and this brush makes short work of it.. This is the second brush in 2 years - my previous one wasn't coated, and the bristles were a little tougher. This brush won't rust like my other one did, and it has more bristles so it actually cleans better. It's a home-run!

Cleaning brush

Review by Stanley Taylor on 9/27/2018

Great product, scrubs in all the right places!

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