DuoTight 0-90 PSI Digital Pressure Gauge

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This 0-90 PSI digital pressure gauge fits all 8mm (5/16") push in fittings and Duotight fittings. Ideal for making your own keg or inline pressure gauge. Runs on a  replaceable CR2032 battery (included), and battery life is estimated at two years if you press the ON switch once a day. The gauge automatically turns off after 2 minutes to save the battery, and features a backlight that turns on when you hold the yellow button for two seconds. This square gauge is 1½" on each side. This gauge is for gas pressure measuring only, and will be damaged if used for liquid pressure monitoring.

• To make a keg pressure gauge, use this gauge with our item G49 DuoTight Ball Lock Gas Fitting

• To make an inline pressure gauge for a kegging system, use this gauge with DuoTight 8mm Tee item Z95 and EVABarrier tubing item Z92.

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