DuoTight 0-40 PSI Pressure Gauge

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This 0-40 PSI pressure gauge features a rubber armoured case, and fits all 8mm (5/16") push in fittings and Duotight fittings. Ideal for making your own keg or inline pressure gauge. The barbed gauge end also fits ¼" gas tubing.

• To make a keg pressure gauge, use this gauge with item G49, DuoTight Gas Ball Lock Connector.

• To make an inline pressure gauge for a kegging system, use this gauge with DuoTight 8mm Tee item Z95 and EVABarrier tubing item Z92.

Apr 10, 2021 by Austin

Q: What is the tolerance of this pressure gauge? +/- 1psi?

A: Plus or minus 2 psi approximately

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