Digital Illuminated Mini Regulator Gauge 0-90 PSI

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This Digital Mini Gauge covers a range of 0-90 PSI, so there is no longer a need to purchase different gauges for different dispensing needs. It runs on a CR2032 button battery, with an estimated battery life of 2 years if you press the screen light once a day. The screen light automatically shuts off after 15 seconds to conserve battery life. This gauge is for measuring gas pressure only, and should not be used for measuring liquid pressure to prevent failure.

This fits the KegLand Duotight Regulator and Spunding Valve with inline gauge, as well as the KegLand Core 360 Regulator. 

Jun 12, 2022 by Michael

Q: I may have missed it somewhere but how accurate is this gauge? I know it’s got to be better to determine what the true psi is than the analog gauge but what is the accuracy + or - at 5 to 15 psi?

A: Plus or minus 1 PSI

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